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eu-directive regulating pedelecs states that

Pedelecs that have powered assistance to a maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) using a motor of no more than 250 Watts rated output are considered bicycles. Type approval is not required.

British law does not coincide with European law, in Europe 250W motors are allowed whereas in the UK we are currently restricted to 200W.  The DfT have announced that the UK will eventually align with Europe law and will also permit 250W this is expected to happen by mid 2013.  We have been told that the police will not be targeting electric bikes that have motors of not more than 250W.  As far as we are aware no prosecutions have taken place of anyone riding a 250W motored electric bike in the UK.  We also understand that EU law always takes president over local laws.


The official standard for electric bikes is now in force across Europe and will eventually be mandatory in the UK too. All bikes complying to EN15194 are deemed to be safe and fit for purpose. All Wisper bikes conform to this standard and have been issued with certificates of compliance from the SGS laboratories Geneva.  Copies of these certificates are available on application.

To remain exempt from motor vehicle legislation, an electric bicycle must comply with the following:

power and speed

Maximum rated motor power 250W (200W in the UK)
Maximum speed with power assistance 25kph (15mph in the UK)


In most of Europe the motor can only legally work when the pedals are turning forwards, in the UK this is not the case and will not be unless full EC regulations come into force.  If the new UK laws outlaw throttle control this will NOT be backdated.  However our latest intelligence is that the UK may keep the throttle.  BEBA is working hard towards this goal.

throttle control

Throttles operating independently of the pedals, enabling a bike to be ridden on power only are legal in the UK under the 1982 EAPC regulations. They are illegal under European regulations if they enable the bike to be propelled at more than 6kph without the pedals turning forward.

Throttles operating under the dictates of pedelec control, only permitting regulation 
of power while peddling forward are legal everywhere in Europe and the UK.


Maximum weight 40 kilos or 60kg for a tandem or tricycle. (UK)

cycle standards

All bikes must comply with existing pedal cycle standards.

legal age

A rider must be at least 14 years old to ride an electric bike.  (UK only)


The power to the motor must be cut automatically when the brakes are applied if the bike is fitted with an independent throttle.

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